Krumtap Malossi MHR RHQ Ø12mm

Krumtap Malossi MHR RHQ Ø12mm

1.011,75 DKK 1.349,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 538009
Lagerstatus: Varer er på lager
Husk dette er til 12mm krydspind. Rod. 80
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Denne krumtap har større fylde i krumtap huset hvilket giver bedre optræk.
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  • Special krumtap med 12 mm krydspindsleje i malossikvalitet.


    sometimes the pictures might be different from the product which they refer to, as concerns some details.


    Designed, tried and tested by Malossi engineers in the factory and on the race track, manufactured by leading experts in accordance with the very latest technology using extremely sophisticated machinery and top-quality hard-wearing steel.

    half-shafts with monolithic rotating circular masse; in K2D forged steel, tempered, case-hardened, ground, coppered connecting rods in K2D forged steel with double heat treatment. Calculated, dynamic balancing for speeds of up to 16,000 rpm, high-speed connecting-rod bearings, excellent machining and concentric-locating tolerances.

    Malossi High Quality

    The crankshaft is the heart of the endothermic engine
    It is an undeniable fact that all aspects of engine performance stem from the crankshaft
    One cannot obtain good engine performance and reliability unless a top-quality crankshaft is fitted
    This is why Malossi produces only the very best in crankshafts