Liqui Moly Speed tec

Liqui Moly Speed tec

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Model/Varenr.: 2848
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Moderne brændstoftilsætning for en bedre acceleration og gasoptagelseved delbelastninger. Kompatibel med alle brændstof- og additvkvaliteter. Til alle 2 og 4 takt´s motorer. Rækker til op til 70 liter brændstof.

The additive market leader in Germany has developed a spectacular new product for the ambitious sportive driver. Speed Tec is a gasoline additive which significantly improves the acceleration of the vehicle. The novel components of the gasoline additive accelerate the spread of the core flame during the ignition process. Speed Tec makes the combustion more compact, more violent and more productive. A greater burst of energy is therefore released by the active combustion in a shorter time. At the end of combustion, unburned fuel residues stay behind even with the most state-of-the-art engines. With Speed Tec, the proportion is smaller, i.e. the power utilization per fuel unit is higher. The special composition of the additive also reduces running noise and cleans and maintains the inlet system. The power-enhancing properties of the product are realized particularly well with older vehicles with high mileages.
Speed Tec is suitable for all 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. One 250 ml can is sufficient for 70 liters of fuel.
Lokation 15/3-b