CDI Boks

CDI Boks

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The continuous development of electronics in the automotive segment led Malossi to the creation and marketing of a new line of electronic power boxes for racing scooters. Considering the typically competitive purpose, Malossi has created a complete line of electronic power boxes based on state-of-the-art segment technology, in compliance with FMI regulations for scooter races. Each power box model was expressly studied for the scooter it will be fitted on, and this the reason why after endless roller stand and racing track tests an optimal start up map has been prepared in order to obtain maximum scooter performance. Furthermore, these power boxes allow the elimination of the rpm limiter installed on some standard power boxes, enabling in this way the full exploitation of the engines power and torque even at the highest regimes, up to 20.000 rpm. These electronic power boxes are based on capacitive discharges, therefore allow maximum limitation of circuit transients during voltage discharge, while obtaining a virtually perfect peak voltage on the spark plug (35.000 ¡ 50.000 volts depending on the engine regime); moreover they grant extremely high discharge voltages and currents with surprising steadiness with respect to engine rpm variation. This is an essential component for the development of a racing engine that Malossi is putting at the disposal of developers to prepare the currently marketed scooters.

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